Episode 9
Is Your Mummy Tummy Caused By This??
How to Identify & Fix Diastasis Recti (Ab Separation)

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Episode 8
SAS – Should Women Be Able To Join?

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Episode 7
‘Fitness & Fatherhood’ with guest speakers The Lean Machines

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Episode 6
‘Bulimia Won’t Beat Me’ with this months Guest Speaker Cee Fee Dunn. Sharing her story on how she beat bulimia.

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Episode 5
The #1 Reason ‘Me Time’ Does Not Make You A Selfish Mum!

Episode 4
Strong Is The New Sexy

Episode 3
How I Lost My Baby Weight

Episode 2
Baby Loss Awareness Month & The Miles in Memory Challenge with my special guest Lindsay Oliver

Episode 1
Gym Selfies Yay or Nay?
Are you threatened by the ‘gym selfie culture’? Find out why a gym in New Zealand has it’s very first ‘selfie only’ room…but is it a step too far?