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Who Is a MumWarrior?

Every mum is a Warrior whether or not you know it.

It is my job to show you YOUR inner Warrior, your true strength and all that you can achieve!

The MumWarrior Mission

  • To help mums all over the world lose weight, burn fat and improve their health.
  • To empower, motivate and inspire mums.
  • To teach mums how to release their inner strength and their warrior
  • To restore a mums confidence and to love your life giving body.


I Am a Mum and a Warrior…I Am a MumWarrior!

Hey Mums,

My name is Martine…I’m a mum and a full time MumWarrior!

I’m an award winning personal trainer, a competing athlete in both Powerlifting and Bikini…I was on the hit TV show Ninja Warrior and I’m a weight loss and fitness expert!

I have helped over 10,000 thousand mums lose weight, get fitter, tone up, get stronger and feel better and healthier too.

With over 11 years of experience in the fitness world, my mission is to help mums from all over the world lose weight, tone up, feel motivated, fitter, healthier and like they can achieve anything…because you can!

I want to show you your inner Warrior…because we all have one.

MumWarrior Transformations

Will you be my next success story?

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Complete with online 1:1 support throughout